Tasty Temptations’ chefs create the highest quality gourmet desserts and pastries in our bakery. We have an immense selection of mini desserts, petit fours, cakes for all occasions, lollicakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and parfaits. We even have a line of wholesome goodies where you can find some eggless pastries that melt in your mouth! All of our products are made from scratch and baked fresh with the finest quality ingredients available.

Please check out some of the many pastries we make!

Mini Gourmet Pastries

Pastry Price Pastry Price
Assorted Fresh Fruit Tart $2.00 Passion Fruit / Guava Mousse Cake $1.95
Chocolate Eclair $1.95 Mango Cups $1.95
Petit Swan / Cream Puff $1.95 Chocolate Napoleon $1.95
Chocolate Fantasy $1.95 Pistachio Mousse Cake $1.95
Creme BruleƩ $1.95 Mini Apple Tart $1.95
Raspberry / Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake $1.95 Mini Apricot Tart $1.95
Blue Mountain Espresso $1.95 Chocolate Ganache Tart $1.95
Cake Pops (Assorted) $2.95 Mini Pear Tart $1.95
Mango Mousse Cake $1.95 Amaretto Chocolate Raspberry $1.95
Chocolate Mousse Cake $1.95 Assorted Fancy Mousse Cups $2.95

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